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  • $771.63
    1. Billable Surf 9’0 $1700 Fijian           Light-Tone Bamboo (Blue)
      9’0” 130ltr
      9’0” x 29” x 4.125″
    2. Billable Cruise 10’6 $1850 Fijian     Dark-Tone Bamboo (Yellow)
      10’6” 200ltr
      10’6” x 33” x 4.75″
    3. Billable Cruise 11’6 $1950 Fijian      Dark-Tone Bamboo (Red)

      11’6” 220 ltr
      11’6” x 33” x 4.75


    BILIBILI SURF 9’0” only comes in blue rails
    BILIBILI SURF 10’6” only comes in yellow rails
    BILIBILI SURF 11’6” only comes in red rails
  • $500.00

    IkaVuka means “FLYING FISH” in Fijian so it is designed for speed and stability. Deep concave with a foiled nose and a swallow tails keep the IkaVuka lively while maintaining its high performance.

    Surfboard Price
    Starting at: 

    – iv1 5.0 $500US      -iv2 6.0 $500US      -iv3 6.2 $550US    – iv4 6.4 $600US
    Chose the model that you wish to purchase!

  • $500.00
    Kailoma Model:
    Kailoma in Fijian means Hybrid / cross between a few different models taking the best qualities in each model and putting them into one. This is the strength of the Kailoma, is its versatility to be ridden by surfers who have a wide range of different abilities in waves that are diverse in cross section – average surf to big walls and hollow tubes.
    Choose which model to purchase!
    K1 – KAILOMA 5.6 $500US           K2 – KAILOMA 5.8 $500US
    K3 – KAILOMA 5.10 $550US         K4 – KAILOMA 6.0 $600US
    K5 – KAILOMA 6.2 $600US          K6 – KAILOMA 6.4 $650US
    Extra $100US for Inlays
  • $450.00

    Kaji in Fijian means small or kids. The Kaji surfboard is designed for youth who are

    starting their surfing at a younger age.
    KAJI 5.1 $450.00 KAJI 5.10    $550.00
    KAJI 5.6   $500.00
    Extra $100US for Inlays
  • $550.00

    Marau in Fijians means “HAPPY” therefore these boards are designed with that aim in mind.

    To give the surfer a good easy ride for pure enjoyment on a wide selection of different waves.
    One board many different waves.
    Get for all our waves in Fiji from small to overhead. If you a looking for a board that can get you
     catching more waves and having fun than Marau is for you. Mara size range is 6’10′ – 7’6’.
    M1  6.10 Volume  42.2L $550.00                   M3  7.4 $650.00
    M2  7.0$600.00                                                 M4  7.6$650.00
    M5  6.10 Volume  41.2L   $550.00
  • $550.00
    Wai Kama means “BURNING WATER” in Fijian.
    These boards are the Semi Gun / Gun type models for bigger waves which Fiji is renowned for.
    The Wai Kama should be in very surfers quiver is committed to tackling serious Fijian Juice.
    Wai Kama boards range from 6’6” – 8’0”
    • W1 WAIKAMA 6.6 $550.00US Volume: 29.9ltr
    • W2 WAIKAMA 6.10 $575.00US Volume: 32.1ltr
    • W3 WAIKAMA 7.0 $600.00US Volume: 33.3ltr
    • W4 WAIKAMA 7.2 $600.00US Volume: 34.6ltr
    • W5 WAIKAMA 7.4 $650.00US Volume: 35.6ltr
    • W6 WAIKAMA 8.0 $700.00US Volume: 46.3ltr